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When we asked our families what they liked about our pre-school what did they say......?

"N had 2 attempts of preschool and with a national lockdown it was very difficult to have them go in on their own. But you guys made it manageable, with consistency and compassion. Respect and all correct policies and safety measures in place. N sees any sanitised station now and will immediately use it. The introduction of new things that the child likes is amazing. The forest school opportunity is brilliant and allows them to really explore the outside (N’s favourite). Always informed of their adventures with passion. Available to talk morning, noon and night, never a silly question. Personal centred approach. Keyworker availability to allow children to trust and grow with new adults in the life.... all round amazing pre school. Leaving ceremony with present of their photo timeline. Good transition input when moving up to school. Thank you for all you have done." (Source: Parent/Carer Survey, September 2021)


"How friendly and welcoming you were from the very start, the huge range of activities, all the outside time and tree school, how you did science week activities and baking. The way you kept in touch over lockdown, especially the stories and videos, it made such a strange hard time a bit enjoyable. We loved updating what we'd done on tapestry and then getting the EYFS comments so I could see how this was helping teach and develop his skills."

'Inclusive, Traditional Values'


"Fully inclusive of each individual child’s needs. Friendly and loving staff, traditional values where the emphasis is on learning through play."

(Source: Parent/Carers survey, September 2021)

​'Outdoor freedom and exploring the world'

"I like that the kids get to spend as much time outside as possible. The incorporation of the outdoors space in as much as you can, the experiences of days out and all the creative ways the pre-school explores the world."

(Source: Parent/Carers Survey, September 2021)


 'Support to parents, Nurturing, Passion for Learning'


"The nurturing care, understanding of early trauma, support and advice to me as a parent. . It's clear that there is so much love for the children that attend and passion for their learning."

(Source: Parent/Carers Survey, July 2020)


"The family feel, being listened to but also there for support when asking questions. The staff are friendly, loving and caring. I know my child is in safe hands." (Source: Parent/Carers Survey, September 2021)

 'What does your child like about pre-school? (In the words of the parents!)


"Digging in the mud, the net at forest school, messy play, painting, being outside, playing with friends and the Aunties. Everything was fun, no matter what the activity". (Source: Parent/Carers Survey, September 2021)

"Everything, especially his Aunties! He talks about you all a lot at home, he loves all the fun outside, and bubbles. And of course Bonnie the dog."

"The freedom to play, to be accepted and to be fully loved and supported."


"Where do I start! Really enjoyed going to the field every Friday and see what activities he could do as well as cooking on the fire."

(Source: Parent/Carers Survey, July 2020)

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