Policies refer directly to the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Requirements and contain extracts from Early Years Alliance of which we are members.  All policies are annually reviewed and adopted by Tywardreath Pre-school Playgroup committee. Please click on any of the policy titles below to access the PDF.

Tywardreath Preschool Playgroup Policies


Designated Leads:                                 Primary Contact     Secondary Contact

Designated Safeguarding Lead                 Tracey Lewarne      Kelly Tardivel

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities  Teresa Steele        Alison Coles

Child Protection Officer                       Tracey Lewarne    Kelly Tardivel

Behaviour Management                      Alison Coles         Tracey Lewarne

Health and Safety                              Tracey Lewarne    Teresa Steele

Fire Officer                                      Tracey Lewarne     Kelly Tardivel

Children In Care Lead                         Tracey Lewarne    Kelly Tardivel

Staff Wellbeing Lead                           Kelly Tardivel       Tracey Lewarne


1.1 Children’s rights and entitlements

1.2 Safeguarding children and child protection

1.3 Children in care

1.4 Confidentiality and client access to records

1.5 Information sharing

1.6 Uncollected child

1.7 Missing child

1.8 Supervision of children on outings and visits

1.9 Maintaining children’s safety and security on-premises

1.10 Making a complaint

Complaint form PDF

Managing vexatious complaints

1.11 Mobile phones

1.12 Camera devices and images

1.25 Social media

1.26 Whistleblowing policy and procedure


5.3 Arrival & Departure Policy

Equality of opportunity

1.13 Valuing diversity and promoting equality

1.14 Supporting children with special educational needs

1.15 Achieving positive behaviour

Promoting health and hygiene

1.16 Animals in the setting

1.17 Administering medicines

1.18 Managing children with allergies, or who are sick or infectious

1.19 Nappy changing and toileting

1.20 Smoking & Substance Misuse

1.21 Food and drink

1.22 First aid

1.23 Accident and emergency policy

1.24 Covid-19 Operational procedure

Menopause Policy

Staff well-being policy

Suitable People

2.1 Safe recruitment and continuing suitability

2.2 Volunteers and students


1.20 Smoking & substance misuse

Suitable Premises, Environment and Equipment, Health and Safety

3.1 Risk assessment

3.2 Health and safety general standards

3.4 Fire safety and emergency evacuation

3.7 Food hygiene

3.8 Basic kitchen opening and closing checks

Organisation Administration

4.1 Admissions

Childcare Practice

4.4 The role of the key person and settling-in


4.6 Parental involvement

4.7 Working in partnership with other agencies


1.11 Valuing diversity and promoting equality

Documentation & Record keeping

5.1 Children’s records

5.2 Provider records

5.3 Arrival & Departure Policy