Parents and Families as Partners

October Topic Themes & Intentions

4th October – 15th October is a seasonal topic ‘Farms and Harvest’. We look forward to changing our role play area to a farm shop, with a real till, kindly donated by a family.

18th – 22nd October theme is ‘Autumn and Halloween’.

We will be exploring these exciting topics using a multisensory approach.

Parents as Partners - How can you extend your child’s learning at home?

Please bring in to share: A treasure from nature, such as a pinecone, conker, autumn leaves, for our nature box.

From Monday 14th October it is national ‘Bring a stick to school day!’ What will we do with our sticks?


Ideas to continue our learning themes at home - Our October maths focus is using ‘finger songs’ to support number concepts. You could incorporate finger number songs into daily routines, e.g. 5 Little Ducks in the bath, 5 Fat sausages at meal times. Have fun with song and experiment with changing words to fit your activities.


Oral Health Home Link - Please add an observation to Tapestry congratulating your child on their tooth brushing skills. We would love to see photos of your child’s tooth brushing also!

October Maths Focus – Supporting Number

Our mathematics focus for our October learning through play:

  • Count in everyday contexts

  • ‘Subitising’ – fast recognition of up to three objects, without needing to count them

  • ‘Cardinal principle’, knowing that when you count the last number you say is the total amount



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